Submit the completed Application along with the following payments and documents:

1. Photocopy of passport (identification section).

2. Financial certification (in English) verifying that both tuition and living expenses will be met while at CES.

Acceptable forms are:
• a personal bank statement or letter from the bank
• a letter of support from your parents/sponsor stating they will be responsible for your expenses during your stay and a bank letter from sources of support
• a letter from sponsoring organization

3. School Transcripts

4. $75 Registration fee and $100 I-20 fee.

Completed applications are normally processed within two (2) business days.

Phone: 818-563-9822

Please remember: we are here to help you. Feel free to email or call us with any questions.

For Transfer Students

Transfer Students: If you are currently in the US already attending another school and are planning to transfer to CES, we need the following documents before we can process your application:

• Copy of I-20 from current school
• Copy of passport page with picture and information
• Copy of F-1 Visa page
• Copy of I-94
• Proof of financial certification
• Registration fee, I-20 fee, tuition and books

Phone: 818-563-9822